Our Company

High Solutions Abseiling Pty Ltd. is a trustworthy company that utilizes innovative
and effective rope access techniques to provide a wide range of services. We specialise in difficult and high-level access works for building maintenance and repairs.

Our professional team is committed to give you a fast and cost-effective alternative to scaffolding and powered access. We can often get the job done before the scaffolding is erected or the scissor lift arrives on site. Optimizing operational costs, increasing security and reducing risks are high priorities for every single project!

When something high above the ground needs to be done, High Solutions Abseiling team goes to work. Our abseilers come from different trade backgrounds, which means that we can accomplish a wide variety of building maintenance work.

We complete a wide range of tasks such as professional painting, building maintenance, high pressure cleaning, window cleaning, sign erecting and dismantling, render repairs, downpipe installation and repair, gutter cleaning and installation and mastic replacement.


The IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) statistics show that rope access is an 
extremely safe form of access when performed properly. Reason why, all our operatives are qualified IRATA trained and fully insured. HSA evaluates regularly the integrity and maintenance of the equipment, as well as other duties carried out on a daily basis. Also, complying with OH&S regulations and thus reducing potential security risks, all equipment is removed at the end of each working day


All Trades Abseiling systems are quick, efficient and highly successful. However, the quality of our work is never spared. We welcome inspections from our clients during and on completion of any job and we are willing to set up demonstrations to show how your building will be restored or repaired. We keep up to date with all the latest access technology and products and the benefits flow automatically to you as the client.